Does Ryan Kavanaugh

Look Like Harvey Weinstein?
A comprehensive analysis

The Public

Is Confused. 
We asked 10,600 internet users if they thought Ryan Kavanaugh and Harvey Weinstein looked alike. The outcome was SHOCKING. 

Despite Looking Nearly Identical They Are Indeed Different People

Ryan and Harvey are in fact two different people.

Check these side by side comparisons out!
Ryan kavanaugh Harvey Weinstein
Note how similar their eyes are!
Harvey weinstein looks like ryan kavanugh Ryan Kavanugh
ethan klein responds to ryan kavanaughH
"Alarming, something has to be done."
Ethan Klein
CEO OF H3 Podcast
Noah Beck my thing is flipped
"My Thing Is Flipped"
Noah Beck
(We dont know what he is talking about)
Ryan Kavanaugh, Chief Executive Officer of Relativity Studios attends the Los Angeles Premiere of "Black or White" held at Regal Cinemas on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Invision/AP)

Ryan Kavanaugh

Harvey Weinstein Smiling

Harvey Weinstein

does ryan kavanaugh look like harvey weinstein

Harvey Weinstein

Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh

does ryan kavanaugh look like harvey weinstein

Harvey Weinstein

Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 20:  Producer Ryan Kavanaugh attends the premiere of "Black or White" at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on January 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh and Harvey weinstein

The pictures below displays a seemingly friendly relation between the two former movie producers. 

About Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh is an American film producer and film financier. He is the founder and former CEO of now bankrupt Relativity Media, the studio was the third largest Mini-major studio before bankruptcy hit back in 2015. Some speculate that the bankruptcy was due to poor management.  


Founder / Owner of Triller

Ryan Kavanaugh is also the owner and brains behind the App, Website, and brand Triller. Triller is a video-sharing platform similar to TikTok. The platform has recently garnered an increase in downloads because the prominent podcast ‘H3 podcast’ has promoted it.

The platform is not as giant as it’s rival TikTok but it does have some major names on it such as Charli and Dixie D\’amelio, Justin Bieber, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, Kevin Hart , Tyga, Saweetie, The Weekend.

This image is altered so you can tell Ryan apart from Harvey easier.

Ryan Kavanaugh's Terrible Record.


Kavanaugh's DUI'S

In October of 2008, while still on probation for an earlier conviction for a DUI, Kavanaugh was arrested for drunk driving, speeding, and driving with a suspended license from an earlier conviction for a DUI.
Source Article

Lying under oath

In 2018, claims of sexual harassment from seven women at Relativity against former Relativity Co-President Adam Fields was found to have been the result of a fraudulent memorandum drafted, according to the arbitrator Judge Terry Friedman, by Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh himself. The attorney who Kavanaugh testified authored the memo, denied authoring the memo during her deposition and was not employed by Relativity when it was created. As a result, the arbitrator awarded Fields $8.44M. After a forensic audit of the computer was conducted, it was found that the memo had been generated from someone who signed in as “kav, kav”.
Source Article

Ponzi Scheme

In 2019, Elon Spar signed a complaint under oath alleging that Kavanaugh persuaded him to go into business together under false pretenses. The suit was resolved out of court. This story was covered in the June 7th 2019 Variety article “Ryan Kavanaugh Accused By Ex-Partner of Running a Ponzi Scheme”.
Source Article

Unpaid Wages

In 2021, Kavanaugh’s former babysitter for his newborn child sued him over an alleged $175,000 in unpaid wages after being abruptly fired 2 months into her 13-month contract. Maureen Russell’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit allegations against Ryan Kavanaugh include breach of a written employment contract, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, failure to pay overtime wages and failure to furnish accurate wage statements. The two reached a written deal on June 28 for her to babysit for the child 12 hours a day, four days a week from June 26 until Sept. 26, 2020 and 24 hours daily from Sept. 27, 2020 through July 27, 2021 — all at $40 an hour, according to the suit. However, Kavanaugh abruptly fired Russell last July 17, citing “child custody issues,” the suit states.
Source Article

Threatened Critics

Later in 2021 Ryan Kavanaugh sent Ethan Klein a threatening message via the popular social media platform Instagram. Not only did he demean Ethan's podcast which was last rated in the top 20 of the entire united states, he also threatened legal action against constitutionally protected free speech

Harvey Weinstein praising Ryan Kavanaugh

In a video covering Ryan Kavanaugh’s contributions to Sheriff’s Youth Foundation Harvey Weinstein comes in for a brief appearance to show his appreciation for Ryan Kavanaugh and his work. Once again we see that Ryan Kavanaugh and Harvey Weinstein had either a good business relationship or even a friendship going. (source)

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"How Ryan Kavanaugh Failed To Deliver $1 Million To Charity" -Variety

It was a late fall evening in 2007 in San Pedro. Habitat for Humanity was holding a ceremony with hundreds of volunteers in attendance, including President Jimmy Carter.

Ryan Kavanaugh wanted to put on a show. He provided the charity an oversized donation check of $1,000,000 to help the charity build over 250 homes for the poor.  

That’s an amazing thing to do right!? Well, it seems there was a discrepancy between Ryan’s oversized check and the actual check. According to Variety, KavKav only ended up donating a measly $35,000. Variety further reported:

“The failure caused disillusionment inside the non-profit and also some embarrassment — because the development came at the end of a weeklong event that was the charity’s biggest in years, with former President Jimmy Carter in attendance. Said one key supporter of the charity, who asked not to be named: “No one had ever done something like that before. To get the kind of attention he did, in front of a U.S. president, and then to do nothing for it, was all just so shocking.”

The Event Was Captured On Camera!

Check out the video below to see KavKav caught in stunning 360p!


Here’s some more side by side images of Ryan Kavanaugh & Harvey Weinstein.